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LCPS - Adopted LCPS Board Plan

Description: Plan adopted by LCPS School Board on December 13, 2022.

Only elementary school attendance zones will change during this process.

Below is a map of the area affected by the rezoning process. Each subarea is a planning zone and is assigned a color based on which school students in that area go to. These areas are indivisible neighborhood areas and will not be resized during this rezoning effort. Hashed colors indicate that the planning zone's school is changed by this proposal. The hashed color indicates which school this proposal changes the planning zone to. Hover or click on a zone to see which school it has been changed from.
Click or hover over a planning zone for details.
Planning Zone
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Enrollments Adjusted for this Plan

The table below reflects adjusted capacity percentage based on the reassigned planning zones. In this table, program capacity refers to the number of students the education program is designed to support at maximum, not building or facility size. In all plans, Redistrict will display Henrietta Lacks ES / Hovatter ES students divided in KG-Grade 2 and Grade 3-Grade 5 respectively, including in the current 2023-24 plan. However, until Henrietta Lacks ES opens in the fall 2024-25 school year, all students will continue to be served by Hovatter ES.
This table lists each planning zone in the affected area, the number of students currently in each zone, the zone to which is assigned by the proposed plan on this page, and the school to which each zone is currently assigned. If this proposal changes a zones assignment, the proposed school assignment is in red. Use the search box to narrow down this table by any of the columns.
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